Detroit is in the midst of a resurgence and there's no better way to demonstrate that than looking at the impact of Slow Roll. Slow Roll is Detroit's weekly bicycle meet up. Traversing anywhere from nine to 14 miles between Detroit's popular landmarks, and sometimes forgotten gems, Slow Roll attracts more than 3,000 riders each week. Led by Jason Hall, participants are made up of locals and visitors of all skill levels and ages with one goal in mind – discovering (or rediscovering) Detroit's vibrancy and charm. It started four years ago with just a handful of participants exploring Detroit via bicycle. Now it’s a movement.

You may ask why Jason Hall co-founded this movement in a city that at times struggles for good press. The key is his passion for Detroit and bicycles. According to USA Today, Hall says “I am a lifelong Detroiter.”

Other cities across the globe have caught on to Slow Roll's success, with affiliated groups popping up in Cleveland, Buffalo and in cities as far away as Germany, Sweden and Iraq. Validating its success, Slow Roll was recently the focus of a high profile Apple television advertisement, providing even more awareness to the group on a global scale and inspiring millions.

In our recent POV – Running scared? The Marketer’s Singular Challenge: Stand Out – we provide 6.5 paths for marketers looking to differentiate their brands among the masses. The first path is to demonstrate feats of strength, or, in other words, staying committed to the brand’s purpose and mission. Slow Roll embodies this first path. It was a small idea that grew into a movement and eventually became synonymous with Detroit's comeback.

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Click on the image below to view Apple's advertisement about Slow Roll: 

Slow Roll