The story of technology frequently has been the development of things we never knew we wanted. No one really needed in iPad or a Nook tablet until technology told us we did. We were getting along just fine with films before digital movie projectors came along. For that matter, we all may have been a lot less tense when we had an office phone, a home phone, and nothing else tethering us in between. 

Now, undeniably, technology has worked in ways to make our lives so much easier, businesses so much more profitable, and news and entertainment so much more accessible. But technology companies constantly seem to be putting the exclamation point before the verb—stirring immense excitement over the pending release of some device, service or software before consumers have stated a need, desire, awareness or acknowledgement that such an offering would be a welcome change. We didn’t need it—until we did. This phenomenon may be recapped as, “Invention is the mother of necessity.”

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