Meet this month’s ‘foiler – Kristen Stippich, Airfoil senior vice president in charge of the firm’s recently launched New York operations.  A senior technology communicator with deep experience representing major technology brands and navigating the New York media landscape, she’s an integral player in the firm’s plans for geographic expansion and enhanced service to in-market clientele.

Kristen – who previously worked in Airfoil’s Detroit headquarters – recently returned to the firm after several years at New York-based firms representing major tech brands.  Here, she shares how her history with Airfoil and experience working with New York’s emerging and established tech companies create an advantage for Airfoil clients.

You have a true “inside baseball” perspective on New York agencies and the complexities of the marketplace. How is Airfoil different and positioned to succeed in this region?

Airfoil’s ethic and culture – our results-driven mentality, speed and ability to think on our feet – can deliver the client service and program impact required of clients in the fast-paced New York market.  Businesses in the city are exceptionally focused on efficiencies and impact and so are we.

There is tremendous energy and investment in the New York technology startup scene. Another advantage we bring to clients in the market is our entrepreneurial background. Our intimate understanding of the challenges and rewards of starting up in the technology industry enable us to better serve technology companies breaking into a city traditionally dominated by the financial, media and advertising industries, as well as helping move those industries in exciting new directions.

How, specifically, will the firm bring this expertise to bear for clients?

For our current clients whose technologies cut across – or could potentially cut across – financial services and ad industries, it will be a distinct advantage having a team working on their behalf that knows how to market and communicate to those audiences. Airfoil clients with even a long-term vision for going public will also benefit from having feet-on-the-ground in close proximity to NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange.

And we can’t overlook the obvious fact that New York is the largest media market in the country – for global clients wanting to make a mark in the U.S., or U.S. clients wanting to form deeper connections with key media, working with a firm located in New York is a significant benefit. Someone who has worked in New York understands the city’s culture and uses that to facilitate media communications, is aware of strategic, must-attend events, and has time on her side…literally! Being able to communicate across global time zones is a huge gift when connecting with clients and partners or media overseas.

You clearly have an affinity for Airfoil, and vice versa. What makes Airfoil the right place for you?

Soon after beginning my career in in the industry, I discovered I really enjoy working in technology and like working with both large, established brands and startups. As a firm that works with some of the world’s most well-known brands as well as some of the coolest tech startups no one’s heard of (yet), Airfoil’s client focus is a tight fit with my interests.

But even more than that, it’s exciting helping to grow an organization while also being able to work with very smart, strategic people – globally – who have extreme knowledge of technology. Knowing this market the way that I do, and seeing the excitement around the startup community, I know that Airfoil has the right intellectual assets and skill sets to build something great – and something I wholeheartedly believe in – in a city I love, New York.