Our own Jennifer Akoma is quoted in the March edition of PR Week, highlighting how Airfoil is looking to hire people with  non-traditional skills sets and backgrounds, to create a stronger agency. The full article can be found here.

Jennifer Akoma, HR manager at Airfoil, a tech PR firm with offices in Southfield, MI, and Sunnyvale, CA, says, “We really need non-traditional skill sets, including social, digital, advertising, analytics, and video design – all necessary to provide the full range of marcomms strategies and services to our clients.”

While hiring occurred at all levels last year, in 2013 one focus will be on recruiting junior staff from outside traditional education tracks to bring unique insights to the firm’s strategic thinking. Airfoil recently hired a graduate with degrees in economics and political science, for example. “At the junior level, we can teach them the PR piece and have them apply their unique thinking,” adds Akoma. “We want to prevent that groupthink phenomenon that happens when you pull in candidates from the same school with the same degree.”

To attract students from varied fields of learning, Akoma has undertaken targeted university recruiting through partnerships with student organizations. A global internship program is also in development.