The New York Times is reporting what most of us have known
or suspected for some time – more people are getting their news online vs. in
print. Journalism job descriptions are changing to include social media and

B.L. Ochman talks about the importance of Twitter, including breaking news and stories that incubate
there before going mainstream.

What does this mean for PR?
Public relations practitioners should be well aware that their field is already
changing. Newspaper readership is declining. More media Web sites are using blog
features such as comments and consumer-generated news. An increasing number of
clients are requiring that their agency be schooled in social media, SEO and
other online tactics.

Startups and small businesses are
being encouraged to look online when determining their PR and marketing plans. Smart PR people should be familiar
with a client’s (and potential client’s) industry, competitors and influencers

How to keep up – and get ahead?
Start reading. A lot of thoughtful blogs and social media groups are extremely
active online. You can find out who has landed on the Bad Pitch Blog or has been blocked by an editor.

Take a look at Jeremy Pepper’s social media PowerPoint. And coming in
February, be sure to become well-acquainted with the third Global PR Blog Week, which always includes great content from PR
professionals around the world.

— Tonja Deegan

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