The federal government is taking an increasingly vigorous and primary role to foster change through major initiatives such as the recently enacted economic stimulus plan. IDC Research suggests that during the next five years, approximately $101 billion of direct and indirect economic benefit will impact the energy, government, and healthcare sectors through improvements and innovations resulting from the U.S. government’s stimulus efforts.

Communications and marketing professionals have a huge opportunity to help their clients compete and succeed in securing funds and successfully competing in this new paradigm. To take maximum advantage, companies must get in the game early by demonstrating and ultimately communicating their individual contributions to the economy recovery objectives locally, regionally and nationally to government influencers.


If you are wondering how you can make a difference, you’re not alone. In fact, 68 percent of IT PR and tech professionals in a poll by Airfoil Public Relations said that they did not intend to improve communications to access stimulus opportunities. This is where a public affairs strategy can be essential to operating in this new landscape.

Public affairs professionals can provide guidance on how to best engage with the government and also how to devise the best business strategies to capture any possible opportunities. Public affairs also effectively monitors and understands the rapidly changing policy trends and can provide information to allow you to assess potential policy risks to your business plans. On the flip side, they can also establish your company’s capabilities to government influencers and create relationships to showcase your company as thought leaders in particular relevant topics.

To read more insights on public affairs and the economic stimulus, see Airfoil’s white paper, The Dawning of the New Federal Era (PDF).

— Bret Wacker and Larry Ayres

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