Precise Product Launches

Don’t wait for your leadership to initiate your product marketing plan; by the time they start asking, you’re already behind. Begin the path to a perfect product launch with a proven team of experts.

Product Launch Roadmap

Marketing can be one of the most misunderstood disciplines in your organization. There’s pressure to get the product to market quickly and to generate sales, but leadership may lack patience for your process. This isn’t your first rodeo, but here’s a roadmap to help you successfully launch your next product.

Question & Assess

In an ideal world, you’ve been in lock step with R&D, product dev, sales, finance and the C-suite throughout the product planning process.  Even so, your perfect product launch should begin with insights from your stakeholders to ensure you’ve got all the inputs needed to deliver a winning product launch strategy.  This is also your opportunity to gain alignment among your teams, to set expectations, and to float some initial strategies.

>>Start mapping your ideal buyers with this template.

We solve the core issue of misalignment among stakeholders, leadership, product teams, marketing and sales teams.

  • We create your core messaging and position
  • We define your target audiences
  • We identify and understand your competitors

Nail The Plan

Your product launch strategy is starting to take shape; now it’s time to publish your plan.  Your Airfoil team acts efficiently to set the foundation for your launch: product positioning, value proposition, messaging, media strategy, and importantly:  the budget.

>>Use this checklist to ensure your branding is on track.

  • Buyers journey
  • Brand personas
  • Marketing tech stack
  • Earned & owned media strategy
  • Digital & social media strategy
  • Brand and identity
  • Social media audit
  • Budget investment

Activate, Respond, Report

Expectations for your product launch are high:  The CEO expects a brand awareness and investor boost; sales teams await inbound leads; channel teams seek engagement with distributors and buyers; employees are eager to hear about the next big thing; your communications teams want not just nibbles but big bites from news media and industry analysts.  Have you set the right expectations and metrics?  You’re about to find out.

>>Make your media outreach plan with the launch checklist.

The tools in your product launch toolkit will include:

  • Media relations
  • Events and tradeshows
  • Thought leadership
  • Employee relations
  • Digital properties
  • Lead build campaigns
  • Social & Content marketing
  • Sales enablement
  • Monitoring & reporting

Check Out Successful Launches

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Execute A Successful Launch With Airfoil

Product launches are high stakes propositions but we can help to mitigate the risks, manage expectations, and set you up for success. You may have a small marketing team and need horsepower — we are here for you. You may need a fresh, third-party perspective — we are experts at that. You may be a “burn victim” of prior underperforming agencies and seek a change — we can be your proven partner.