I recently had the pleasure of meeting Tristen O’Brien. This wonderful man from Indiana, along with his beautiful wife and adorable son, serves as an inspiration for the 14 million Americans currently unemployed.

Tristen O’Brien was in the delivery room about to become a brand new father when he received a text that he would lose his job.

When Tristen lost his job, he started selling a few unneeded items around the house on eBay (his 55” TV and a couple of his wife’s designer purses). Soon, this simple way to pay the bills turned into a full-time job.

He encourages others to help supplement their income on his blog – theebayentrepreneur.com. His story has also been turned into a web series designed to help other parents.

Tristen has since been hired back as a consultant and still continues to sell on eBay. He and his wife, Amy, are using the eBay money to fund all of their holiday shopping and a family trip to Disney.

Tristen provides inspiration to those who may be out of work this holiday.

(Disclosure: eBay is an Airfoil client and this video project is part of our work. However, personal opinions of Tristen and his story are all mine.)

— Leah Haran is a vice president at Airfoil Public Relations, a high tech PR agency with offices in Detroit and Silicon Valley.