The luckiest people understand that sometimes at the end of a stressful day, the only thing absolutely left to do is laugh at themselves, and to sometimes just let go. I’m carrying this wisdom into the New Year.

I read an article on last month called “Success Means Learning to Let Go.” Although it’s business-savvy and managerially focused, the overall message is powerful enough to remember regardless of where my career takes me.

“When most people think about success, they think about adding things to their life: more money, more prestige, a nicer car, a bigger house. The problem with that way of thinking is that it ignores the fact that your ability to succeed is directly proportional to your ability to let go of things.”  ~Geoffrey James, Sales Source columnist,                                                                                        

From one PR person to another, I’m making it a priority to kick off my New Year by learning to love the entire process of letting go. I’ve compiled a list of serious (and not-so-serious) resolutions and wishes for 2013.

From mine to yours, bon année and best wishes!



What would you add to the list?

Stephanie Oben (@stephanieoben) is an account coordinator at Airfoil, a high-tech PR and marcomm firm with offices in Silicon Valley and Detroit.