As marketers across the globe are busy developing decks to show their clients why they should be on the hot new social network Pinterest, Pinterest users are largely blissfully unaware of the land grab that’s in the early stages.

Instead, these users are quickly becoming addicted to and enthralled with pins and boards, creating ideal house projects, recipes and fashion must-haves for themselves and their friends.

Should you, as a brand, join Pinterest? Well that depends. Here are some pros and cons to joining the social network at this stage:


  • As an early adopter, you’ll be among the first to experiment with the site and its new audience.
  • Media are adopting Pinterest profiles, so it provides an additional venue to connect.
  • “Pinners” are hungry for visual content and putting ideas together for them can create brand loyalty and affinity.
  • Adding monetary symbols ($xx.xx) creates price tags for items, and users can click through to your ecommerce site if you include a hyperlink.


  • Because it’s not designed for brands, there are no design features or functionality to help you connect differently than an individual.
  • Metrics are not available.
  • Because it’s growing so quickly, Pinterest is working at full steam to help its community by meeting its demands. At the same time, the company has taken some flack surrounding affiliate links.

Lands’ End and Barney’s have developed brand promotions and contests via Pinterest, and several other brands will be following suit shortly.

And the site is not just for recipes and fashion. Media such as The Wall Street Journal to the Detroit Free Press are there, as well as the hardware company AMD, Major League Baseball and universities such as Miami of Ohio.

As one of the fastest-growing websites in history, Pinterest is sure to stay on the radar for many brands in the coming months. With more than 12,000 unique users per month, it would be hard to ignore such a large audience.

For more on how to use Pinterest for brands, see our presentation. Happy pinning!