An Airfoil client recently launched a product design software that leverages the principles of nature and biomimicry to help architects and designers be further inspired when developing their designs. It has had my whole team thinking for months: How much does nature influence us in our everyday lives?


Type “Nature-inspired” into your Internet/news browser of choice (Bing it, perhaps?), and you’ll get an overwhelmingly diverse response from a variety of different sources. Nature-inspired architecture, nature-inspired furniture and interior design, nature-inspired auto, nature-inspired art – you name it, and someone has come up with ways to utilize nature to enhance or influence it. And there certainly doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that. In fact, it seems to only make sense to use nature – it’s been around much longer than anything else, and through thousands of years of trial and error, has come up with the most fascinating and efficient ways to inspire and make things work.


Take a look at a few cool ideas and innovations that are inspired by nature:


· Stickybot is a robot that can climb smooth surfaces. This little guy’s “feet” were inspired by geckos.

· Speedo mimics shark skin in swim suits to help Olympic swimmers like Michael Phelps maximize their swim strokes.

· Who would have thought that a school of fish could inspire Nissan’s crash safety concept?


Even a product demo or modeling tutorial looks all the more interesting when you incorporate aspects of nature. This video demonstrates how to model a wasp using a design tool – I still love watching it in action!


Something as simple as a beautiful sunrise inspires me to try to have a good day and pass it on (ideally in the form of Higher Thinking for my clients, media friends and colleagues). What have you noticed in your daily lives and in the news that have been somehow influenced by nature? Or more importantly, what inspires you?


— Jenn Korail