Driving Commercial Trucking Forward

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The Challenge

Peloton Technology, a connected and automated vehicle technology company, set out to release its latest product to double the productivity and safety of drivers: Level 4 Automated Following, an advanced platooning system that uses vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology to enable a single driver to drive a pair of vehicles. The development not only marked a huge milestone for Peloton, but also a  major moment for the CV and trucking industry in deploying automation to increase the safety and productivity of commercial vehicles.

The Airfoil Solution

Using Automated Vehicle Symposium as its stage, the team launched Peloton’s L4 AutoFollow technology by developing key storylines around Peloton’s unique vision and approach to deploying fully automated systems and demystifying misconceptions around platooning technology.

The Results

In the weeks leading up to AVS, Airfoil and Peloton conducted 15 (6 in-person) briefings with key media & analysts across technology, consumer and automotive to generate excitement and high-quality coverage around Peloton’s new L4 Automated Following solution. The activation landed 33 pieces of unique coverage in tier one publications such as CNET, Forbes, TechCrunch, Mashable, Digital Trends and more, and increased new user organic search traffic to Peloton’s website by 108%.

Product Announcement & Media Relations

“The Airfoil team has done tremendous work over the course of our partnership. We greatly appreciate and value their guidance and support, and are thrilled about the results we have accomplished together.”

Amanda Anderson, External Affairs Manager

Media Briefings

Pieces of Unique Coverage

Percent Increase in Organic Search Traffic