Imagine a news media environmentwhere the number of “page views”a particular story generates suddenly becomes the measuring stick ofeffectiveness.  A world where reporters are forced to bypass smallbusiness or local interest subjects in an attempt to land thetrendy or buzz-worthy topic of the month. 

Well, according to renownedmedia watcher, SamWhitmore, that day may be upon us.

Don’t get me wrong. As PRprofessionals, of course we love it when the stories we pitch turn into viralhits. Page views and the “pass along factor” are an important part of how wedeliver ROI for our clients.

But, the key to remember is itrepresents only one part of the equation. If communicators are going to bejudged first and foremost on viewer traffic and/or how a story aligns from theSEO angle – the audiences we are trying to reach will suffer.

Call me old-fashioned, but Istill believe there is magic in a well-told story; that quality journalism isevery bit as relevant today as it was 20, 30 or 50 years ago. 

Sure, we all love to click onstories containing salacious headlines or that feature the latest product ortechnology innovation making news. That’s basic human nature.

In the end, give me substanceover sizzle every day of the week.

I think a communicationsstrategy driven by clicks numbers is like a diet based on candy bars. While itmay taste great or provide short-term relief from hunger, you can’t live on it.

— Janet Tyler