As Rich recently wrote, the PRSA 2008 International Conference Oct. 25-28 is coming to Detroit. We’ve prepared for your arrival and can’t wait to show you the great things the city has to offer.

In fact, we dug through our trusty public relations toolkit to help Detroit put the public in public relations as we prepare for your arrival. Hammer? Check. Nails? Check. Staple gun? Check. Wood? Check. Video camera? Check. Fun people standing on a homemade soapbox to tell us about the city and PRSA? Check!

That’s right, the public relations professional’s toolkit is more than a smartphone, computer, media list and press release. Heck, it’s more than Web sites, media advisories and spokespeople, too. The 2008 International Conference has many tracks about using new communications tools, video, social media skills and other ways to spread your campaigns.

So in honor of the Conference theme, “The Point of Connection,” we made our own point of connection with the public and professionals of Detroit in an out-of-the-box (make that on-the-box) video where we took our homemade soapbox throughout the city to show you some of the great places. We asked some complete strangers to talk to us about what PRSA is and what they think of Detroit. Their answers were heartfelt, surprising and often kept us laughing.

The 2008 PRSA International Conference in Detroit is sure to be an exciting experience where you can make new connections. We’ve saved a spot for you on the soapbox and can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

— Nathan Forest

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