Fun is one of Airfoil’s values and it manifests in differentways on different days. For the most part, though, I think we’d agree that wehave fun doing what we do and whom we do it for.

Communications is fun. Branding is fun. It’s fun in the wayan aunt or uncle experiences their niece or nephew. We watch breathlessly asthese little people with all this potential grow into responsible andfascinating people, knowing we played a part in that development. We set goodexamples, we provide guidance and support and we counsel against courses goneastray. We may not be there every single moment, but that’s what makes thegrowth so much more important to us. We can be objective because we truly wantwhat’s best.  

And that’s true of the brands we work with; big brands andlittle brands and soon-to-be brands. There’s excitement when we encounter a newbrand or new initiative for one of our partners. We look forward to planningwith our clients, sharing experience, perspective and vision. We relish theaccomplishment of a highly strategic and accountable planning process. We standreliably by through the difficult growing pains that a brand sometimes mustexperience in order to realize its next cycle of success.

Branding is a process and a promise. It’s a contract betweenthe customer and brand. It means, “I truly want what’s best for you. I havesomething you need to do your best.” When we talk about that openly andhonestly, that’s branding in action, regardless of the delivery mechanism. Itdoesn’t have to appear on Good Morning America to be true or make people believeit. Messaging isn’t a ploy to trick people into making a bad decision.

We have fun doing what we do because we believe our clientstruly want what’s best for their customers. We enjoy helping them make thatcontract. It’s fun to be responsible for all that potential.

–Jennifer  Becker