According to two recent articles from Red Herring, it is apparent that bloggers have become of interest as potential money-making assets to large media organizations.

In the article titled, “Whose Gossip is it Anyway,” Sunshine Mugrabi from Red Herring believes that celebrity bloggers have recently stepped up their street cred with the ability to report breaking news in real time. With the recent Michael Richards’ racist rant, Mel Gibson’s DUI arrest and Britney Spears partying habits, bloggers are able to provide an uncensored point of view on these types of news items. According to the article, television networks like Fox and Warner Bros. are taking notice and have recently offered a contract to online celeb blog TMZ to host a 30 minute television program in the fall. Even editorial staff and advertising reps from more traditional publications are moving to blogs to make their imprint.

However, major television networks aren’t the only ones trying to cash-in on the blogosphere.

According to another article, “Newspapers Go Blog Crazy”, Alexandra Berzon said editorial staffs at major newspapers have taken notice. Blogs have become a way for newspapers to offer unique online content, like “The Poop,”

San Francisco

Chronicle’s blog on babies and parenting. The article also offers some interesting statistics to back up the importance of blogs. Nielsen//NetRatings recently reported that the top 10 U.S.-based online newspaper blog pages were up 210 percent in December over the same time last year. However in the scope of overall online newspaper traffic, blogs represent a minor blip on the radar screen.

— Allen Arnold