We’ve just launched a new Web site ( www.airfoilpr.com and a new blog to accompany it.

We’re excited for the new year and everything it is bringing – a new and improved online presence, new clients and some new employees to add to our growing staff.

Our plan for the new blog is to post more regularly. You’ll hear from us more often, and we hope to hear from you, too.

On this forum, we will cover ideas and developments as they relate to strategic public relations and technology, two areas near and dear to our hearts. We’ll write about other topics as they arise, and they will, as public relations practitioners continue to work more closely with social media.

So welcome; we’re glad you’re here and we look forward to talking with you.

Housekeeping note: The previous posts here have appeared on our former blog but were imported here in order to maintain the archive.

Tonja Deegan