This morning I saw a Monopoly game commercial which by itself isn’t so different. Although I suspect Monopoly hasn’t bought traditional advertising in a very long time. When is the last time you saw a commercial for Monopoly?

Then I listened a little closer and saw that this edition was actual the ‘electronic banking’ version of the game where players use a credit card style machine to track and count the money for them.

Why is this an upgrade to this game? Are we teaching our children early to use credit cards? Part of the reason my husband and I play monopoly with our children is for the experience of winning and losing money but most importantly — counting money. Although I’m sure Monopoly’s newest version was well-intended (and just in time for the holidays), I don’t intend on buying it for my family!

Jean Chatzky, financial editor at NBC’s Today show, just wrote about this as well:

“We pay our bills online — often from work. Kids have no idea where our money comes from or how it moves. These new games just exaggerate those differences. When kids count Monopoly money, they not only get a lesson in math, they get the pit in their stomach when they are out of big bills and down to only $5’s and $10’s.”

Also spend a minute to click over to the site and see the tips she has for credit cards and kids.

— Janet Tyler

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