Guest post from J.P. Krainz

Nearly half of all adults in America own a smartphone today and an impressive 70 percent of smartphone owners use their devices while shopping in-store. Consumers are increasingly doing price research, reading product reviews and purchasing direct from their mobile device.

With the rise in mobile marketing, now is the perfect opportunity to expand your marketing efforts to reach your on-the-go target consumer. Let’s focus on two fundamental concepts that greet the customer each time they search for your goods and services: a mobile-designed website and a responsively designed website. Here’s a closer look at the differences and their roles in your marketing efforts.


Mobile-Designed Websites
Websites optimized to fit mobile screen sizes are referred to as mobile-optimized sites. In most cases, this is a separate site maintained in the same way as the desktop site. This option provides the user with a mobile experience they can easily navigate.

From the company’s perspective, they still have to spend time and resources to maintain two sites. But what happens when new devices with varying screen sizes arrive? Will the mobile site look the same? That’s when responsive design becomes a necessity.

Responsively Designed Websites
The latest trend in website creation is responsive design. This involves creating a fluid layout that automatically adjusts to fit various screen sizes. Whether the user is on a tablet or smartphone, the layout is optimized to fit the content and screen size perfectly. No more zooming or scrolling to see relevant content. Here are two sites we really like: National Senior Games and Microsoft.


Plus, having to maintain only one website saves on internal costs and promotes efficiency. For more on responsive design, check out responsive.thundertech.com.

Making these options available to your customers shows you value their time and can provide useful information to meet their ever-changing mobile needs.

J.P. Krainz is an account manager and media planner at thunder::tech, an integrated marketing agency based in Cleveland, Ohio, with services in advertising, graphic design, web development, interactive media, social media, communications, video and more.