A few weeks ago, a few of us ’Foilers attended the 2009 Michigan Solid-State Lighting Association Symposium at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The event, which was attended by business leaders across the state, discussed the latest advancements and insights into the benefits of Solid-State Lighting (SSL). 


For those who are not familiar, SSL refers to the use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as sources of illumination, rather than electrical filaments, plasma or gas. Benefits of solid-state lighting include an environmentally friendly design that is mercury free, contains reusable parts and provides a long-term energy-efficient source of light.


The Michigan Solid-State Lights Association (MSSLA) had just announced its formation a few weeks prior. The MSSLA was established in a collaborative effort with Michigan-based corporations, universities and state agencies engaged in manufacturing, research or development of solid-state lighting products.


Being at the symposium and seeing so many companies that could easily be viewed as competitors, all joining together in effort to make Michigan a global leader in SSL manufacturing, research and development, was quite honestly a breath of fresh air. With so many jobs being lost in the state of Michigan, there is such a great opportunity for this association to truly move our state, and the industry, forward by banning together.


By leveraging the intellectual properties and technical expertise of its membership, the MSSLA intends to promote environmentally friendly lighting options in the state and to advance the companies it represents. A presentation by Mike Bergren, former assistant field operations manager for the city of Ann Arbor showed how much SSL can save money and cut energy costs for municipalities across the state and the country.


Tom Henderson from Crain’s Detroit Business wrote a great article announcing the launch of the MSSLA. In his article he highlights companies including ilumisys (Airfoil client), DTE Energy, and Relume Technologies Inc., who are all founding members of the association. It was great to read about the tremendous success all these companies are experiencing, to see them collaborating first-hand and to walk away excited to see the industry grow and prosper here in Michigan.


–Deana Goodrich