A recent article on Mashable about six successful FourSquare marketing campaigns included a variety of companies, ranging from a television network to a dog food company, all using FourSquare in creative and engaging ways.  These were the three I found most interesting:

  • The History Channel generated excitement with the use of historic sites as a place to check in.  For example, if you were to check in to the Tower of London, you would be provided with a fun fact about it.  This created curiosity about different historical places and caused thousands of people to check into places such as Times Square and The Lincoln Memorial.  It may not have caused more people to watch The History Channel, but it did make history seem fun and interesting, which can be hard to do.
  • Pepsi Max was one of the most talked about sponsors at South by Southwest Interactive this year and it was because of its work with FourSquare and musician Big Boi.  People were offered the chance to see Big Boi at South by Southwest by following him on FourSquare and checking in throughout Dallas during South by Southwest.  By doing these things, people would unlock a Golden Ticket badge that would give them access to the concert.  At the concert, which was filled to capacity, there were more than 2,000 check ins.
  • GranataPet, a German dog food company, installed ten billboards throughout Munich and Berlin.  When a person checked in to one of these billboards, a sample of dog food was dispensed into a small, attached bowl for their dogs to try.  With the help of Pavlov’s classical conditioning, dogs were actually stopping at the billboards waiting for their owners to check in so they could receive food.  In only ten days, this campaign caused a 28-percent jump in sales and a 38-percent jump in requests from pet stores to carry GrantaPet in their store.  This is a fantastic, innovative idea that people would discuss with their friends.

These campaigns are a great way to show how effective FourSquare can be for a company when customers can get involved in a unique, fun way.  A little innovation can go a long way.

–Emily Clairmont is an intern at Airfoil Public Relations, a high tech PR agency with offices in Detroit and Silicon Valley.