As an account supervisor here at Airfoil, I have the opportunity to interview many of the intern and entry-level candidates. Here are some tips before you walk through the Airfoil door beyond the “do your homework, send a thank you note and wear a suit” standards:

1. Bring your portfolio – When an intern candidate says he/she forgot or does not have their portfolio, this translates to me as “my dog ate my homework.”

2. Be able to story tell – Without fail, you will be asked to walk us through a challenge or success in the workplace. Be prepared to tell stories – this conveys to us that you will be proficient at pitching our client “stories.”

3. Don’t wear anything distracting – Have your own style but don’t do anything completely distracting with your hair or clothing. I interviewed a candidate one time that had wild hair hiding one of her eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at it as I interviewed her and it completely took my mind of what she was saying.

4. Be confident, not cocky – The people interviewing you don’t want to hear that you think you are smarter than them. Talk about how your brilliant mind will complement and enhance our brilliant minds.

— Elin Nozewski

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