Attempting to actually practice what I preach in dailydiscussions with clients, prospects and industry folks, I have very recentlycommitted myself to two key activities – picking my head up and kicking it oldschool – by networking and engaging.  Like many of my colleagues, 2009 wasa very focused and intense time, and between big professional and personalmoves (hello Bay Area!), I was immersed in the office and in my new home. 

But now that we are settled, it’s time to pick my head backup to take in all that this community has to offer and to get back to what Ilove in terms of networking, learning and advancing innovative companies.

To this end, I’ve been on an attendance spree of SiliconValley events, most consistently the Churchill Club.  Airfoil is a big fanof the Churchill Club and has beenactive in the organization since we established our Bay Area presence.  Inthe last three weeks, I’ve observed really phenomenal exchanges of insights andperspectives from leaders such as Reed Hastings, Michael Eisner, Arianna Huffington, Rich Karlgaard, Frank Shaw, John Byrne, Richard Edelman, PeterDiamandis and Paul Bergevin.  Call me a research, insight and punditdiatribe super nerd, but a few key takeaways ring true:

·        Innovation is top of mind and on message forthese individuals, obviously in many forms and facets.  Hastingsdiscussed innovation as the DNA to help companies – regardless of size ormaturation – advance most meaningfully.   Huffington addressed theinnovation in the HuffPo business model, signaling innovation as the singlesource for growth.  It’s the topic du jour – and look for Airfoil’sperspective in our upcoming industry dialogues.

·        Airfoilis presenting our point of view about media-fication this week at the PRWeek breakfastand roundtable – and for communicators, it’s a consistent theme and movementfor the factors we all consider on a daily basis.  We’re excited topromote and share our views on some practices of the “how” of engagement.

— Tracey Parry