You have to give it to the automakers, despite bankruptcies, government control, slumping sales and a perception that innovation is lacking, they continue to move forward. This was evident at the Telematics Detroit show held in Novi this week, where you could find representatives of all the major automakers actively engaged in conversations to find the latest telematics innovations for the vehicle.

Look at how Ford Sync, powered by Microsoft, has been a major factor in its emergence and clearly consumers’ expectations for vehicle technology innovation is high.

Airfoil client UIE Automotive showcased its new mobile technology platform, myCar™ , at the show. UIE Automotive’s myCar™ platform connects vehicles with owners on their mobile devices, showcasing connected services on the iPhone from Apple and RIM’s Blackberry Bold. WWJ’s Matt Roush called it “the coolest thing I saw,” and many other attendees reacted similarly. Innovations like myCar™ will be what fuels the comeback of GM and Chrysler.

There’s no doubt attendance was down, but that’s nothing new. While tradeshow attendance and exhibition may be down, the quality of conversations at these events for those still willing to make the investment is high.

So despite GM’s bankruptcy announcement, life went on this week for the auto industry and if you can have a little faith, there’s a sunny day down the road once the clouds clear.

— Tim Wieland

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