Over the past few weeks, my first ever experience in the U.S., I had the opportunity to intern as a delegate through the Arab American Women’s Business Council and the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) Institute for Social Research. The internship afforded me U.S.-based entrepreneurial training, classes and job experiences, and introduced me to Airfoil for a two-week internship to see what the professional environment looks like here. Personally, I’ve been through different working experiences in Egypt as I worked in several companies as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Thus, I can say that I have had a humble experience with working on both levels; the professional and the volunteering side. Yet, working in the U.S. and having the chance to be part of a different working environment through Airfoil has enriched my professional experience. As I got to know Airfoil, I also learned how part of the American ecosystem works.

Moreover, it was a brand new experience for me to work for a marketing communications and public relations agency characterized by both a professional and friendly atmosphere.

I really like the physical structure of the office and how it reflects an open environment that allows everybody to see one another, to share thoughts and to work with passion and comfort.

It inspired me to want to learn more about different arenas of professional fields and observe the working environment in the U.S. as I’ve never experienced it before. At Airfoil, I found the team outgoing and helpful, and at the same time, they are professionals in executing their tasks. Moreover, I like the idea of diversity and I found myself diving passionately into it because it touches a very crucial area of development and alignment among employees working in the same agency.

What I also like about Airfoil is the friendly environment that exists in parallel with the professional atmosphere, which ensures a successful output from the agency. I can read this amiable atmosphere through the gatherings of the employees and how they share experiences with one another. I also appreciate their friendly attitude in welcoming new interns, like me.

I feel that I’m lucky having had access to such a motivational environment in which a veiled girl like myself can work without being discriminated by others. I do believe in the value of humans, which is not based on their color, race, gender or outer appearance, but rather on their mentality and potential. Thus, it has been my pleasure working at Airfoil as an intern. In short, I’m a ‘Foiler and proud.