As the holiday season approaches, businesses are preparing to do anything to make 2009 a success despite the desperate circumstances of the recession throughout the year.


In a previous post, I discussed the importance of implementing a proactive reputation management program to assist in the collection of feedback for businesses and brand building (disclosure: RatePoint is an Airfoil client). But now what? You have this information and now you need to implement.


· Evaluate the business’s weaknesses and areas of opportunity.

· Make a measurable goal to work against and set a reasonable deadline to accomplish it. Choose two to three top areas to focus on for each round of overall feedback every six months.

· Keep your customers informed of the changes you are making and be sure to constantly gather feedback on those changes as well. Know that you can’t make everyone happy, but if the status quo is overall improving, then you’re moving in the right direction.

· Enjoy your success – once you’ve reached your goal, reevaluate and prioritize other improvements.

Remember, trust in your business and the good that it brings, now and this holiday season. With every sale this season brings another step to economic recovery. Best of luck you to all this holiday.


— By Meg Soule