President Barack Obama recently unleashed his small-business stimulus plan. What’s in it for you? You should probably know, since more federal capital is being made available for low interest rate loans. A recent Bloomberg piece provides more information on the stimulus package and how it applies to small businesses. 

How, if at all, will you take advantage? Is it a good idea for the government to keep pumping money back into the market, or would increased tax benefits/breaks be more affective?  What are the implications of the stimulus plan on emerging market sectors such as green technology?

Word on the street is that a lot of pent up market potential exists for green technology because there’s not enough capital to get the companies and projects off the ground.  There is debate about whether or not we are actually in a green technology bubble right now, with some outlets arguing that a bubble cannot exist because of the recent lack of said capital.

Will the stimulus open up that capital and lead to a green tech revolution?

— Eric Rodriguez and Andy Kill

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