As Airfoil’s research director, I’m the first to say that –simply put – measurement is great. We use data to strategically formulate,launch, adjust and accelerate each of our clients’ PR programs. It’s theheartbeat of the work we do because we believe it brings perspective andpurpose to a company’s communications, moving them into their desired marketposition faster and smarter.

But all metrics aren’t created equal. I recently shared in PRWeek why I believe thepractice of using Advertising Value Equivalencies, assigning a dollarequivalency to media placements, is a misguided approach to justifying a PRprogram’s ROI. In the full article, I explain why “quantity” isn’t bad — it’sjust that “quality quantity” is an even more strategic measurement of whetherbusinesses are having a meaningful and desired impact on their audiences.

And for the top three questions to ask before making the AVEcomparison, see my presentation here: