This week’s lead story in PRNews  provides astrong argument for why mobiletechnology is the next game-changing opportunity facing the PRindustry. 

Shocking statistic:  a third of all people will receivetheir customizednews via applications on their mobile device.  This is in addition tothe rapid growth of live streaming content from providers such as Airfoilclient, MobiTV.

As PR professionals and marketers, the use of mobile as aviable platform for brands is no longer somewhere off in the distance … it’shappening rightnow.

Case in point, look at all recent headlines in the airlineindustry with United and American Airlines now embracing mobile as astrategic advantage to deliver a better overall customerexperience.  

You can make the argument that mobile already represents asmarter way for PR folks to reach C-levels by the simple fact that mostexecutives are never more than a few feet away from their Smartphone. 

While the playing field may beshifting again, the path to success still begins and ends with the basics – adetailed understanding a client’s goals and linking these goals with meaningfulPR objectives:

  •         What is theorganization hoping to achieve?
  •          What messages orthemes should you communicate?
  •          Who are the keystakeholders?
  •          What does successlook like?
  •          What arecompetitors doing?

The real power of mobile PR comes from its instant abilityto tell stories directly to our target audience – in a platform they not onlyaccept but prefer.

— Janet Tyler