If you’ve read Time magazine or the Wall Street Journal lately, you may have gotten the feeling that Detroit is a) so devastated it’s now as interesting as New Orleans post-Katrina or b) everyone is focusing on Detroit to watch the explosion and see where the dust settles.

As a born and raised Detroiter, I’ve recently learned a lot about the history of my hometown from these articles.  I’ve also been fascinated by the tone because I am optimistic about and confident in the city’s future—a question of faith that has been posed to me recently by several friends as a result of these stories.  And, beside the city-dwellers that I talk to on a daily basis, it seems that a lot of other people feel that way too.  According to a story posted Tuesday on Crain’s Detroit Business, a recent Gallup study found that Detroiters have become increasingly attached to the city since last year. 

So what does this mean to PR professionals? Negative news always gets attention, but don’t be afraid to tell the positive story too, even if it is just one individual or company leading the charge.  Here at Airfoil, we work day in and day out with individuals who strive to not only make a difference professionally, but to leave a positive mark on their community as well. Get out there and tell those stories—the world needs to hear the reasons why they should care and stand behind Detroit.


— Kaitlin Slattery