Social media is increasingly a pay-to-play space, and while that has been true for many years, it doesn’t mean brands need to break the bank to drive results. Take a look at a few of our campaigns to explore what paid social ads can do for your brand.

Campaign 1: Awareness campaign for a regional B2B company. Paid ad cost: $2,000

In February, Airfoil developed a campaign to help increase ticket sales for a local business event. With only $2,000 for paid media we needed to get crafty.

Instead of optimizing the campaign for clicks where we would be charged early and often, we instead optimized the campaign for awareness. The result was a sold-out event. Our ad campaign delivered a $2.94 CPM (it cost us $2.94 for every 1,000 hyper-targeted users that saw an ad). Had we used a traditional cost-per-click model to drive to the site, we would have spent through our budget too quickly and not created enough awareness of the ads.

Best use: When you need to increase awareness for your brand, product or even a local event. Awareness ads like these can be a sneaky tool in your advertising toolkit.

Campaign 2: Lead generation campaign for a B2B tech company. Paid ad cost: $5,000

Recently, we launched a lead generation campaign on Facebook for a B2B tech company. The beauty of lead generation ads on Facebook is that users can fill out a form quickly without leaving the site. The ads also work on mobile devices.

This niche campaign, garnered about three new leads per day with less than $75 per day spent on media. For larger campaigns, cost-per-leads can be lower, and the number of leads could be higher.

Best use: When awareness is high, lead generation ads can be a terrific tactic to increase revenue.

Campaign 3: Influencer marketing campaign for a consumer brand. Paid ad cost: $15,000

Not exactly social advertising, but close. Influencer marketing lives in the social space but relies on other users leveraging their social profiles. The benefits include more receptiveness to ads since they come from a third party, and low ad costs. 

For this campaign, Airfoil researched and selected a handful of strategic influencers to test, review and promote a consumer product. The result was a passionate group of content creators and ambassadors who outperformed their contracted requirements. About 1,000 posts later, the influencers had reached 7 million people and generated more than 13 million impressions for a total CPM of $1.15. The CPM was nearly $4 lower than influencer marketing averages and well below the cost of traditional forms of advertising like print, TV and radio. The campaign also delivered more than 40,000 engagements to our client’s key demographic.

Best use: To improve brand awareness but also brand perception. 

In the past year, Airfoil has helped more than a dozen brands achieve various goals from increasing awareness to driving website traffic and generating leads. To learn more about implementing a social media advertising program for your business, contact us today.