Ever get the sense that you’re being talked “to” and not “with”? Most of us gravitate toward people and organizations that make it clear our opinions and ideas matter to them – it’s human nature. What businesses must remember above all else when utilizing social and digital channels is that customers are people. And people want to be heard.

Particularly because we operate in a business environment more competitive and customer-driven than at any previous time, strategic social and digital engagement is not something businesses should “do,” but rather a relationship-management function that thrives on constant validation and maintenance.  Take the “pulse” of any company’s social media profile and you should be able to hear a distinct and steady heartbeat. Airfoil expands on this online-engagement imperative in our latest point of view piece, “Through the Higher Thinking® Lens: Social Channels Are Alive, Are You?”

Social and digital media are dynamic channels where reciprocal communication isn’t an option; it’s the very nature of the beast. “Through the Higher Thinking® Lens: Social Channels Are Alive, Are You?” walks through our firm’s successful approach to maximizing social and digital media for our clients’ benefit. It details Airfoil’s signature Higher Thinking approach to researching, strategizing, engaging and measuring to not simply form, but also sustain those vital online interactions between enterprise and customer. We also share recommendations for how to effectively use social and digital media as public relations platforms and rationale for social and digital media being treated – and managed – as functions of a broader, strategic public relations program. 

We feel passionately that it’s in a company’s best interest to truly listen, respond and react to customers because those same customers will gravitate toward a brand and reward it with their business. Social and digital media are “alive” because its consumers are people who, at the end of the day, crave validation. Our point of view offers a framework for how business can strategically – dynamically – give and receive that critical validation.