We are exposed to numerous amounts of advertisements, media, opinions and designs on a daily basis. Think back to when record players were introduced to our society in the late 1800’s. I can only imagine what the hype was to listen to any selection of music in your own home and how excited people were about this grand invention, but now we can take music anywhere (your car, the gym, an airplane, to work or just walking down the street)!

We constantly have some type of outlet at our finger tips. When I get bored, the first thing I do is pick up my phone. Being impatient has reached a whole new level in this day-in-age. What happened to relaxation or living in the now?

I believe we are overstimulated. We may have the constant need to be doing something because of what we are exposed to on a daily basis. Companies are always looking at ways to not only catch the attention of consumers, but keep their attention. It will be interesting to see what companies have up their sleeves to engage consumers in 2014.

So, what will companies do to keep our attention? According to JWT Intelligence, 10 trends that will shape consumer mindset and behavior in 2014, we will need these:

  • Visuals, visuals, visuals. Pinterest anyone? We are constantly looking at pictures. Whether it be web-related, magazines or an ad, we love visuals!
  • Speed. We want things when we want it. Companies will look to get things out to consumers as quickly as possible.
  • Mobile. We would be lost without our cell phones. Companies will give us (if they haven’t already) access to education, financial services and health care, just to name a few. Cell phones give us the ability to get that information now.
  • Going against tradition. Companies want to surprise you. Out with the old, in with the new will be the theme of 2014.

If you or your company are looking to enhance visibility for consumers to notice you in our overstimulated world, try something different, but quick. Hopefully you can sit back and smell the roses every once-in-a-while as well.


N. Minasian


Noelle Minasian is an Account Executive for Airfoil, an integrated marketing communications firm, with offices in Silicon Valley, Detroit, London and Hong Kong. Follow Noelle on Twitter: @noellerm