Have you ever asked your parents what their video games looked like? You may hear references to Atari, arcade games like Pac-Man or maybe from the younger parents you might even hear about Sega. It is crazy to think a video game like Pong was so mind blowing and innovative, because now it is all about multi-player, first-person shooters. The one thing that has always been standard in gaming, though, is change.

Gaming is always changing whether it is new versions of classic games or new systems that have motion control. Similar to the IT field that consistently has updates, I have found that gaming moves at an even more rapid pace. For example, each year the gaming and technology industry has the Consumer Electronics Show where jaw-dropping new products are shown. Two years ago, motion-control user interfaces trended as the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move entered consumers’ living rooms. This last year, consumers were amped to see what the gaming industry had in store for users looking for multiple interfaces. One screen is not enough anymore. Gamers now get a screen on their television and one on the controller with Nintendo’s latest edition of the Wii.


These changes remind me of the days when watching shows like The Jetsons and thinking that type of technology would never be available. But now when I see a commercial or video of the future, I have to tell myself – with the pace of change in the technology industry – it probably will happen sooner than we think.

Christine Kunde is an account executive at Airfoil, a high-tech PR and marcomm agency with offices in Silicon Valley and Detroit.