The Bulldog Reporter ran an article, “Why Your PR Campaign Needs a Brand Ambassador Program—and the 6 Crucial Steps eBay Used to Reach New Markets by Building One,” which discusses Airfoil’s award-winning eBay Parent Panel program and features insights from Account Supervisor Kali Fry, who worked closely with the program. The article highlights eBay’s struggle to get parents of young children to sell on the site and Airfoil’s strategy to gather a group of 25 influential parent bloggers to connect with the target audience as passionate, genuine brand ambassadors. The author breaks down Airfoil’s process of creating a successful blogger program into 6 easy steps:

  1. Get to know your ambassadors
  2. Be accessible
  3. Create a Facebook Group to bring the ambassadors together
  4. Initiate a YouTube web series
  5. Cross promote among traditional and social media
  6. Conduct media relations

With great results that exceeded expectations and an award from Bulldog Reporter, we are happy to share our story. You can find the entire Bulldog Reporter story here: