TedAside from surprising some parents, Ted, the movie, awakened Teddy Ruxpin from its ‘80s hibernation. Ruxpin’s creator is miffed and horrified that his bear, who promoted stories about friendship and love, now guzzles beer and swears like a sailor. 

I contest that it’s The Snuggle Bear from the fabric softener commercials and his creators that should be complaining.  Snuggle BearThe resemblance is definitely there and The Snuggle Bear has much more to lose reputation wise.

See the comparisons for yourself. Aside from this whole bear-brawl, it was a rough week for mascots. A French track star assaulted an innocent mascot while she was trying to hand him a gift bag after the race. Ouch!  Perhaps mascots worldwide should approach the UAW and organize. It’s a thought…or just hire a great PR firm.

– Leah Haran is Senior Vice President, Client Services at Airfoil Public Relations, a high tech PR agency with offices in Silicon Valley and Detroit.