This past week, I had the pleasure to be assigned to assist our client, American Laser Centers, at New York Fashion Week’s Style360 events. The experience was both unique and fruitful on all fronts. In true ‘Foiler spirit, I utilized every available resource at hand and tapped into one of our foci for 2008 – collaboration and technology.

Over the course of the first day, I introduced myself to every event coordinator, intern and PR professional staffing the event. This helped me to learn whom to ask for what and trade media, tit for tat. Like the game Pogs, we traded introductions to contacts at major media outlets with PR contacts on site, introduced ourselves to every camera in the house and every influencer we could grab.

As professed by our leadership, collaboration yields results. More than 25 interviews with major media outlets and bloggers took place in three days, some at our event, and some during the after parties thrown by the designers.

The second major resource was the technology phenomenon, Twitter. Throughout the week instead of writing the team at the office lofty emails with updates, I tweeted interviews secured, observations and, of course, celebrity sightings.

Prior to the event, I had tweeted an invite for beauty and fashion bloggers to connect with us during the event. That brief, less-than-a-minute effort produced a great response and I was able to meet some great new people that were interested in my client.

I look forward to seeing more results at Airfoil via collaboration and technology. Oh, and feel free to follow me any time on my twitter at @nwlife.

— Nicole Yelland

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