Mobile World Congress recently wrapped, and we undoubtedly learned more about the world of tech marketing communications from a global viewpoint. People had opinions. New devices were introduced. Old rivalries resurfaced and some new ones were born. Hot on its heels is Computex in Taipei, and the location is no wonder. With the pace of technology and the race to secure the coveted new news spot, it’s the best place to listen in and see what your competition is up to (and down for).

Devices are getting bigger with larger screen sizes. Devices also are getting cheaper. Wearables are hot. The smartphone race is on, with the jury still out on whether this will be a trend with sticking power.

If you read between the lines, the Mobile World Congress is a comprehensive case study in global marketing. Here are the five universal truthsI’ve discovered:

1.       Storytelling

Regardless of your role as a journalist, media relationship broker or world-class marketer, you’re sunk if you cannot articulate a compelling story about your product or service. Identify the pain, appeal to emotion and make it personal.

2.       Localization

No one (and I do mean no one) is going to care about your story unless there is a local tie—a reason to care. This goes hand-in-hand with storytelling. Make it about the world and it’s too big—unfathomable. Make it about your backyard—now you have listeners.

3.       Relationships

Behind the deadlines, news stories and industry news lies a relationship. It could be a simple one-time hook-up with a slick, sexy story or a product demo. But when you’re good, you know the reporter’s interests; past coverage; and, most important, what they’re interested in right now—and, best case, even before they know they are interested in it.

4.       The Passion/Perseverance Equation

Glove-in-hand with relationships is knowing the fire in the belly of every media contact and the ability to make the story interesting to keep the ink rolling. It works the other way, too. On our end, we need to have the passion to keep pitching even when the story is a tough sell. It’s called perseverance, and it’s what makes our industry so intriguing.

5.       Ethics

More than about telling the truth and maintaining journalistic integrity. Ethics delve deeper, especially in this age of globalization. Within ethics is a cultural understanding of the market and the way media work.


Behind the trends, good marketing and public relations are all about the basics. They’re the building blocks of a successful product and create lasting relationships. Events like Computex keep us breathless with anticipation as the world’s technology – and the ingenious minds behind them—take the stage and vie to dominate.