Starting a new job isn’t the easiest thing, particularly when you realizethat years of lawn mowing and babysitting won’t necessarily transfer to thefast-paced world of PR.  So I figured I could use a little advice andcatch up on my career perspective before starting my summer tenure at Airfoil Public Relations. With a little help from my literary friends Shrunkand White and some advice from a college buddy with past intern exposure, Ireceived some tips on how to make the most out of my work experience. 

I am very happy to find myself working for Airfoil Public Relations as I’venow started to really appreciate the unbelievable opportunities sitting righton my doorstep.  In addition to providing me with endless new informationand knowledge in media monitoring and brand recognition, Airfoil has also setan excellent foundation for my future. 

My first day started exceptionally well.  I drove to work in thesunshine, my iPod blaring my favorite mix, wearing a freshly pressed shirt, andbasically beaming from ear to ear for the entire 35-minute drive. When I arrivedat the Airfoil office my desk was ready for me. Normally, a first-time internwould walk in not knowing anyone but hoping to impress everyone, running aroundfrantically trying to fill out paperwork, and scrambling to get to their nextmeeting or training session, praying they wouldn’t be late. But considering thecircumstances, with the stakes continuing to rise, I knew I had to focus andefficiently complete tasks, distress free.

I talkedwith multiple people from HR and administration to learn about the business ofthe firm. I spent the latter half of the day in computer training, learning newthings like our billing systems, firm directory (this is going to be extrauseful this summer) and our email server.  As the day dwindled to an end,it was exactly the action-packed, training-focused first day I originallyenvisioned.  I took off that evening and headed home from what I know willbe one of the best experiences of my life. 

The client solutions team is slowly beginning to familiarize me withresearch techniques and tips to more efficiently monitor. Midweek, I beganresearch on behalf of a client, and it was quite satisfying contributingrelevant information to the team and receiving positive feedback. I thinkthat’s why everyone loves it here. 

I learned alot about the firm and received some of the best advice from CEO LisaVallee-Smith in a teleconference call:

  • Show up on time
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Walk around the office and get to know everyone

Now this one was easy, especially when the weekly team meetings featurepersonal recaps from everyone on staff. Not only did this allow me to learnmore about everyone’s specific responsibilities and specialties, but thewelcoming greetings I received on my first day certainly helped ease thetransition.  A project for Thursday was to research and uncover 10 nationalpublications on a specific innovational focus and create a word cloud based onmy results. Concentrating on social media and screen-based innovation of thepast decade, my focal point was to give a formal approach and provide themanagement team with some food for thought.  I found this exercise to beextremely beneficial, broadening my horizon to the world of technology and innovationand keeping me up to date with the newest software and gadgets.  

In summary,my first week went well and my summer is definitely taking off!  Thanks toeveryone at Airfoil for ensuring my first few days have gone smoothly and forincluding me in pieces of their projects during my first week on the job. 

— Nicholas Sterr