Every time I sit down to write a blog I get a case of writer's block. It looks a little something like this:

I should write a blog.


What should I write?

I have no idea what I am talking about


Oh, I just wrote 600 words!


I recently ran a Friday Creative Lab about writing and how anyone can write a blog. Here’s how we approached it.

Huh, that’s interesting

Whether it’s an article, a piece of research, or a picture, you are particularly inspired by, there is an endless supply of interesting things in this world and you’re thinking about them more than you think. Whether it’s the latest from Apple or a local news story, you have probably seen something in the last 24 hours that had you saying “Huh, that’s interesting.”

Talk about it

What is your perspective about this interesting topic? Share it with a friend. Or think about how you would share it with a friend. Think of it as a watercooler or dinner party discussion, what would you say to someone else about this topic?

Now get it on paper

It doesn’t have to be literal paper. For example, maybe part of your blog is designing an infographic to share your ideas. For the sake of a blog, you would right it out and share your perspective. This should be 90 percent thought out based on your conversation but here are some thought starters: What’s my perspective?  Do I agree with the topic or should something be done differently? If so, what?

Still getting stuck? This article “5 free blog idea generators to liven up your content,” might be helpful too. It includes a Hubspot blog topic generator.

There are many free tools that give you access to research, facts and everything else to help beef up your writing. However, it’s important to start with something you find interesting, form a perspective and go from there