Or in this case, the Gartner Hype Cycle. ConnecTech, a Michigan technology organization of which I’m on the board, is hosting a Gartner vice president and analyst, Jackie Fenn, at Detroit’s historic Fox Theater to present on Mastering the Hype Cycle: How to choose the right innovation at the right time. The venue alone is a juxtaposition to the topic. Named a National Historic Landmark in 1989, its ornate gold exterior, plush interior and 1920s style marquee is a marked contrast to the topic oftechnology trends, advances and cycles.

However, taking a step back, it’s the perfect place for the presentation to Detroit’s premier technology set. Built in 1929 for William Fox, the founder of 20th Century Fox, it was the first move theater to have live sound. It was a place where people came to watch the advancement of technology and entertainment through film; to dream, imagine, escape, and be inspired. The discussion and presentation that will take place Sept. 18 is no different. We want it to inspire, initiative dialogue, create partnerships and ultimately new beginnings.

Creativity comes in all places and all forms, positioning old concepts with new twists:

·          Auctions + Internet=eBay

·          Networking + Web 2.0=Facebook

·          Public transportation + cars=ZipCar

And these are only recent and popular innovations, more text book today than organic as they once were.

Showcasing beauty and history as the background and for innovation and change is the impetus for great things. And that’s what’s so exciting.

— Amber LaCroix