As a new professional with Airfoil, each day brings with it a new barrage of items and information to learn about, tasks to master and old habits to kill. Thankfully, this is an agency that values best practices and embraces the technology that allows us to work at the most efficient and successful level possible.

Smartphone: A growing staple of the business environment, this is one of my favorite and most utilized tools. Running on the Windows Mobile platform, I am able to send and receive emails at nearly the same speed as when I am tethered to a desk. Even more important and valuable to me, I can, at a quick glance, see where I am supposed to be and at what time with the schedule function that automatically syncs with my Outlook calendar.  It’s also a valuable resource when attempting to locate the nearest Starbucks cafe.

Laptop: All team members at Airfoil are equipped with laptops and for good reason. We can, and do, work from different locations throughout our wireless office regularly and don’t have to sacrifice our access to a PC because of it. A great example of this benefit occurred just a few weeks ago when I was able to instantly respond to a client’s request even though I was on the opposite side of the office from my desk. 

Twitter: My colleague Tim Wieland wrote a great post last week talking about how the PR profession is embracing the utilization of Twitter (or at least they should be). The reality is, this is such a great tool to get more entrenched into the "conversation." I utilize the tool to understand what the reporters are focusing on, to gather news items that often never get featured by mainstream media and of course, to complain about odd-ball items that I experience in my daily life. Feel free to follow me at: @cglapoint

Instant Messaging: For those situations when you are too lazy to pick up the phone but don’t want to email for a quick response. I guess a point could also be made that it allows us to work more efficiently…yeah, let us go with that.

— Craig LaPoint

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