Elizabeth VanStee

I lead all visual design efforts at Airfoil, including graphic design, photography and animation.

How long have you worked at Airfoil?
4+ Years

What is your biggest client win?
One of my favorite things is taking an existing piece of client content and showing how design can transform it into something more meaningful and valuable

What’s the best thing about working at Airfoil?
The opportunity to explore. Airfoil is a place that supports taking risks and trying new things. Whenever I have an idea for a new deliverable or want to try out a new technology, I am given the freedom to try new things and see what works.

Why did you choose marketing as a career?
While at art school, I fell madly in love with advertising. I loved the mix of research, strategy, language and visual communication and knew it was I wanted to do. The left brain/right brain mix is definitely my sweet spot!

What’s the best thing about working with tech brands?
I love seeing all of the newest technology and researching new products and industries. There is always something to learn!

Best advice you’ve ever gotten?
Ask for what you want. The worst thing anyone can say is no.

When or where are you your most creative?
Early mornings, right after my first cup of coffee.

Elizabeth VanStee

Creative & Design Strategist