If you’re looking for the perfect social media management (SMM) tool that will solve all of your social-woes, you might have better success finding Bigfoot. What I’m getting at is – it doesn’t really exist. Social media management tools are not one-size fits all. While many may seem similar, each are best utilized in different ways. Here is a short list of social tools Airfoil recommends, as well as one to avoid:

Sprout Social – Small-Mid Business

Sprout Social is great for small to mid-sized businesses. It offers multiple plans to choose from, giving you the flexibility to choose the right one for your business. It also has team-based functionality, so you can collaborate and assign tasks to different members of the team.

Sprout Social has pretty solid built-in analytics, and it integrates with Google Analytics. This feature is very useful for tracking traffic generated from your social content. There is a slew of other cool features like message tagging, exporting report templates, and the ability to track customer service cases.

Sprinklr – Big Business

For enterprise clients, Sprinklr is the best choice. While it’s more expensive than Sprout Social, it has built in asset management libraries, which are amazing for large brands. Sprinklr provides companies a channel for sharing assets, and coordinating social engagement on all of their different social channels.

Spinklr also has paid and targeted media amplification options. This feature allows your strongest social content to automatically trigger and optimize paid buys based on factors and criteria set by you. It also allows you to repurpose previous organic content into paid ads and target customer demographics directly.

Hootsuite – No Business Being Included on this List (Get it?)

Of course we can’t talk about SMM tools without mentioning the most popular tool of them all, Hootsuite. This very basic tool is not recommended because it has a poor user experience. It’s not nearly as intuitive and functional as Sprout. The analytics available on Hootsuite need to be purchased with points, which are costly and not included in the subscription fee.

Scheduled content failing to post is a common occurrence with Hootsuite, as well. These hiccups are especially a nuisance on the weekends, when someone has to log in and fix failed posts. Of course, this isn’t a problem if your brand has 24/7 monitoring. Let’s be honest though, if a brand won’t invest in something better than Hootsuite, it’s unlikely they are paying for 24/7 monitoring.

Key Takeaways

It’s no longer a question of should you be using a SMM tool, but which one is right for your business. With a little research, trial and error, and maybe even applying the Goldilocks principle, you’ll be sure to find the SMM tool that’s just right for your brand. For more tips on social media management check out Airfoil’s blog here.