We expect to be dazzled by the parade of innovations at CES each year, but we what we didn’t expect is how there is truly something for every consumer along the tech-savvy spectrum at CES 2012.

Refreshingly, many of products we’ve seen on the show floor are both limit-testing enough to make the most jaded technophile drool, yet practically and economically accessible for the average consumer wanting to use tech to make life run more smoothly.

Standouts in this regard are:

  • Tagg the Pet Tracker: A CES 2012 Design and Engineering Awards honoree, this wallet-friendly GPS-enabled device allows you to ping your dog’s collar tracker anytime from your PC or smartphone in order to figure out where the heck he ran off to…this time.
  • Gracenote MoodGrid: An intuitive way for drivers and passengers to navigate music collections on the open road with technology that lets them find and play songs to match their moods.
  • WarpiaTV:  What do you get when you combine a WarpiaTV browser with a seven-function motion controller? Instant access to services like Facebook, Twitter and Netflix, as well as anything else lurking around on a user’s hard drive. Couch potato tech at an accessible price point.
  • TelyHD: A Skype-specific device for TV integration, TelyHD is a unique webcam in that it’s powered by Android and simply plugs into any existing TV with a HDMI port.

We love imagining how much easier (not to mention, infinitely cooler) our lives would be if we had these – and all the other cool gadgets and applications on the show floor – in our own homes and offices. Next year, we’re bringing a shopping cart and a big, fat checkbook! How about you – which of these products would make your life better (and, yes, cooler)?