I was surprised a few weeks ago when I received a catalog from Shutterfly in the mail. Shortly following, I then received similar catalogs from Winkflash and Snapfish, all promoting holiday card printing (online, of course). Then, in my Sunday paper, I noticed a glossy ad from Amazon, which ended up coming a few weeks in a row.

As much as we talk about traditional retailers embracing ecommerce and social media, established online retailers are now turning to print media in an effort to reach more consumers.

Brands and agencies are experimenting with the right mix of advertising, marketing and social media to reach consumers who are generally using more than one form of media at a time. Channels such as TV, print, online and mobile are all jockeying for position but the most effective route is a cross-platform mix that reaches the consumer simultaneously.

Recently, a study showed that those who saw a mix of online video ads and TV ads had a 200 percent increase in brand recall compared with those who only saw the TV ads.

Tablets and smartphones are changing the way consumers act. As we recently explored in our 2012 predictions, shoppers could care less about what channel they are reaching a retailer on – in reality, they want the same experience regardless of the route they took to get there.

This year’s holiday shopping season is showing that consumer habits are changing faster than anticipated. This year, consumers visited circular sites from mobile devices 60 percent more than last year on Black Friday and 149 percent more on Cyber Monday.

Coined as Couch Commerce, consumers are watching TV while shopping with a device on their laps or browsing in a store with a smartphone in hand. For brands, this means multiple points of exposure can increase recall and change shopping habits. By integrating advertising with social media and online spends, companies tailor their messages to reach consumers wherever they are spending their time.

— Tonja Deegan is the social media director at Airfoil Public Relations, a high tech PR agency with offices in Detroit and Silicon Valley.