Connor Grant

I am always looking to keep clients up to date on best practices while introducing the latest social media trends.

Why did you choose marketing as a career?

I’m kind of attracted to brands, their stories and experiences they represent. In college, my roommate would always mute the commercials when we were watching TV. One day I finally asked ‘Dan, why are you muting the commercials? I LOVE the stories they tell!” That’s the moment I knew a career in marketing was a great fit!

What’s the one thing clients always ask you?

Connor, what is the secret to social media? TL; DR Effort and time, like anything worthwhile. Always remember, social is education and entertainment so try to do both as often as possible. Paid support for outstanding posts is always recommended as organic is only popular at grocery stores these days. But in all seriousness, time is at a premium so before you post, ask yourself ‘is this adding value to the newsfeed? Would I read this?’ If yes, post then promote with paid. If no, spice it up, have your teammate look it over, then post and promote with paid.

What is your biggest client win?

MSHDA! They came to us two years ago and were very uncertain how to present themselves. Now they are always down with our crazy ideas to gain awareness ranging from a Facebook Live open house or an unsupervised influencer road trip around Michigan to see lighthouses. 

Where or when are you your most creative self?

Training for my next endurance event. There is nothing more exciting and terrifying than spending hours on end with nothing but the open road and your own mind. I just need to convince Airfoil to pay for my race entry fees given all my good ideas come training for them.

What’s your all-time favorite Airfoil event?

Halloween every year. Probably because the day I interviewed, everyone was dressed in costumes and I was the last meeting before the party kicked off. Remember sitting in the conference room thinking ‘Boy, I’d really like to work here, the CEO is dressed up like Prince! And like, a very good Prince costume, not one of those from Walmart. Also, should I have dressed up in a costume for this interview.’ There were also a lot of dogs and I love dogs. Halloween hits every year and makes me realize how happy I am to have found Airfoil, the lunch spread is always awesome as well!

Best advice you’ve ever gotten?

In my early 20s, I spent a lot of time participating in military-style boot camps and wilderness survival courses. I’ll never forget the piece of advice an instructor gave me before we plunged into an ice-cold river at 5 am – Prior proper preparation prevents piss poor performance, The 7 P’s.


Connor Grant

Senior Social Media Specialist