The news keeps coming, and it’s not always positive for IT spending. However, technology enterprises can market products and services effectively with communications strategies – including an increased emphasis on ROI and metrics – to withstand and temper the down economy’s impact on demand and revenue.

Our recent white paper, “The PR Stimulus Package for IT Innovators” examines how technology providers can secure customer confidence with a combination of thought leadership platforms and marketing tools that communicate hard metrics. The white paper also explores communications strategies for showcasing the flexibility and scalability of IT solutions to a variety of audiences.

When market conditions fluctuate, businesses need to sustain, if not increase, investments in IT products and services now in order to keep from falling behind when the economy turns upward again in order to face the challenges when the market rebounds.

An enhanced understanding of public relations and marketing communications can assist the smartest and brightest businesses out there succeed by sharpening their competitive edge.   

While some analysts are saying the economy will get worse before it gets better, no one knows for certain what the outcome will be once a new president is in place. However, those that take action during the down time can show real gains through those resources that still are looking to make investments.

— Janet Tyler

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