CES is just around the corner – is your brand ready to be positively impossible to ignore?

intces This time of year, we hear from a lot of companies wondering what to do this year at CES. The good news? It’s not too late to make a splash. But don’t wait too much longer. Especially if your brand plays in the spaces we see heating up leading into CES: digital assistants (particularly in the smart home); augmented reality; transportation; medical tech; and sports tech. And be ready to see a lot of emphasis on the show floor this year around drones and pet tech.


With a smart investment and strategy in place, your brand can cut through the clutter and gain some serious attention. And we know what we’re talking about.


Airfoil has supported clients at CES since 2006, including companies such as Best Buy, Microsoft, Delphi, Brookstone, Parrot, Netatmo, XYZprinting and even the Consumer Technology Association, host of CES. During the past decade at CES, Airfoil has launched more than 25 products and hosted thousands of media interactions. We proudly placed feature coverage for our clients in prominent media such as Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Associated Press, CNN, USA Today and many more.


And media coverage isn’t the only attention we’ve captured – with our help, our clients have received CES awards from WIRED, Popular Science, Mashable and The Verge, and that content has been pushed out through social channels and consumed by millions of potential consumers. But, CES Award submission deadlines are close and spaces at media preview events is dwindling.


Don’t be another brand lost in the shuffle. It’s your time to shine at CES.