As anyone who’s attended CES can attest, there are an overwhelming number of booths, new products, swarms of people and celebrities, just waiting to blow your mind with the NEXT.BIG.THING.

So to try and capture some of the magic that is CES, we wanted to show you our experience thus far.



Companies are here at CES to showcase just why consumers need to use and understand their technology. This booth was highlighting the various aspects of connected homes, and using massive touchscreen monitors, was allowing attendees to walk through what a home built with smart technology can do.



Many booths had interactive displays so attendees could see, feel and completely immerse themselves in the technology at hand. In this instance, our very own Kevin Sangsland was driving a ‘boat’ using the latest and greatest GPS and weather technology that had been incorporated into the drive panel. This style of booth helps brands truly showcase to consumers what they could do with the type of technology.

Miles of Floor


This is just one section of south hall, with thousands of people flooding into the fitness tech area to learn about the latest and greatest gadgets that are going to help them stay healthy. A new addition this year was companies looking to use app technology to improve cognitive function and increase memory. Sounds like our obsession with mobile functionality and living as long as possible are coming together!

Parties, Parties and More Parties


There are more parties and cocktail hours at CES than one person would ever have time to attend. The Airfoil team hosted its annual soiree last night at TAO, and it was great to relax and connect with some of our client and reporter friends. More importantly, it was great to have couches where everyone could sit down and put their feet up after standing all day!

What’s your favorite part of CES this year?

Caitlin Ridge, senior account executive at Airfoil, earned her advanced CES merit badge this year with her second visit to the consumer electronics blowout bash of the year.